Beacon Falls brightens up


BEACON FALLS – Some lights are finally on in Beacon Falls. Around 7:30 p.m., lights came on along Main Street and the Hill section of town around Town Hall, according to First Selectman Susan Cable. She said about 30 percent of the town now has power. She said CL&P has told her the town should have all its power back by tomorrow.

“We are happy that main street has it,” Cable said. “It’s slowly getting back.”

In the meantime, the town is still operating two shelters, at Woodland Regional High School and the Senior Center for residents without power.

Cable said about 15 people stayed overnight at the Senior Center Monday night, but no one stayed at the high school, which was having water problems. In the past day, about 500 people have come to the shelters to warm up, charge electronics, and get food, Cable said. She said those people drank 1,500 cups of coffee.

All the roads have been open since yesterday, she said, but crews are still removing limbs hanging over wires.

Cable said the town’s “trunk-or-treat” at the high school was a huge success last night.

“It was the best thing we every thought of. It was great,” Cable said.

She said over 400 children came in costumes to go trick-or-treating in the school’s parking lot. Residents decorated their cars and handed out candy, she said.