Beacon Falls author turns pen to fiction

Author Liz Falzone and her dog, Shilo, are pictured at their home in Beacon Falls. Falzone published her second book, ‘Flutters of Evil,’ this summer. –LUKE MARSHALL
Author Liz Falzone and her dog, Shilo, are pictured at their home in Beacon Falls. Falzone published her second book, ‘Flutters of Evil,’ this summer. –LUKE MARSHALL

BEACON FALLS — After baring her life in her first book, local author Liz Falzone has turned her attention to fiction.

Falzone published her second book, “Flutters of Evil,” this summer.

“Flutters of Evil” is a fictional horror story that follows an Irish family from the 1800s in Limerick, Ireland through present day in the United States. Falzone said the story was born out of tales that are passed down in families through generations.

“Like many other people, I am sure there were times when you got together with your family on the holiday or your grandparents and these old tales started to come into view. The little ghost stories and the wives tales,” Falzone said. “I am hoping that the reader will put into their perspective of their own family situation.”

Falzone delved into her own family history for some tales to craft the short story.

“I went back to my family history. It takes place in Limerick, Ireland where my father was born,” Falzone said. “I took all my heritage and put it in the book.”

Falzone’s passion for horror dates back to when she was young and would often go to Bridgeport’s American Theater.

“I used to go there, especially when they had all the horror movies. I used to bring my best friend with me and we’d sit in the theater and watch whatever horror movie was playing,” Falzone said.

While it is a horror story set in Ireland, there won’t necessarily be the typical fantastical creatures people associate with the country, Falzone said.

“There are no little leprechauns. There are no fairies. But it is a battle between good and evil,” Falzone said.

Although the story itself is short, the time it took to write was not.

Falzone said it took her two years to write the book. Falzone wrote ideas for the book wherever she was, jotting down notes on napkins while out to dinner and writing down ideas after waking up at 2 a.m.

“I think that’s what a writer does because the story is continually on your mind,” Falzone said.

This book is a drastic turn from her first book, an autobiography, “Silent and Grateful Tears,” which told of her abuse, her modeling career and starting her own casting agency.

“I wanted to try and do something different this time around,” Falzone said. “I’ve touched people’s hearts and now I want to give them a little mystery and fun.”

Falzone said she will not be stopping with the horror genre, either. She is currently working on a children’s book inspired by Shilo, her dog.

Although “Flutters of Evil” is a horror story, Falzone hopes it helps people realize how important stories are that have been passed down through generations.

“I would really like for them, if they can, to go back in their minds and realize how precious family time was and how precious it is, no matter what their heritage is, to have these little folklore stories. I’m hoping this book brings that back,” Falzone said.