Attrition opens up jobs for staff cut


REGION 16 — Eight Region 16 staff members were laid off due to the 2017-18 school budget. As of last week, all but one of them had new jobs in the district.

Voters in the region, which oversees schools in Beacon Falls and Prospect, approved a $40.9 million school budget in May. The budget increased spending by $404,934, or 1 percent. While spending went up, the contracts of five teachers and three total paraprofessionals and instructional aides weren’t renewed because the positions were cut due to declining enrollment.

Superintendent of Schools Michael Yamin told the Board of Education last week that seven of the eight people were rehired for other jobs due to attrition. He said only one teacher hasn’t been recalled, yet. He added a couple of teachers may be leaving and positions could open up before September.

“I know it’s a tough process … but we have to do it,” said Yamin about cutting positions and staff.