Areas of park closed due to storm damage

Downed tree limbs block a path at Matthies Park in Beacon Falls on Monday. -COLIN SPENCER/REPUBLICAN-AMERICAN

BEACON FALLS — Parts of Matthies Park, including trails, are closed until further notice.

Selectman Michael A. Krenesky said trails were closed Friday after winds from Thursday’s storm knocked trees and tree limbs down, blocking off trail access. A power line from a telephone poll was also knocked down, closing a paved trail and forcing the power to be turned off at the park.

“The safest course right now is to rope (trails) off until (Beacon Falls Department of) Public Works can get in there and clean it up,” he said.

An announcement was posted on the town’s website Friday advising guests to avoid the closed areas. The number of closed trails wasn’t available.

Krenesky said Public Works is “stretched thin” with other projects and workers taking vacations, delaying the cleanup and reopening of the closed trails.

“We do have to get to it as quick as possible. There’s a lot of people who use the park, especially the playground area,” First Selectman Christopher J. Bielik said.

Neither Krenesky nor Bielik could say how soon the trails might be cleared and re-opened. Updated information will be posted on the town’s website at