Accredited high school diploma in six to nine months


The National External Diploma Program is a national, accredited high school diploma program available, cost free, to residents of Naugatuck, Oxford and Wolcott through the Naugatuck Adult Education Program.

It is for motivated adults and allows candidates to receive high school credit for their life and occupational skills and prove they have acquired academic skills through those life and work experiences. The NEDP can be completed in a confidential environment.
Once accepted into the program, a Naugatuck High School Diploma, granted by the Naugatuck Board of Education, can usually be earned in six to nine months.

When an adult applies to the program, their skills will be assessed in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. If the necessary skill levels are demonstrated, the applicant becomes a candidate for a Naugatuck High School Diploma. If the skills required by the program are not demonstrated, the applicant is told exactly which skills are needed and how they can be learned and developed.

The traditional academic skills of reading, writing, speaking, computing, problem solving and critical thinking are assessed in real-life situations in the following areas: communication and media literacy, applied mathematics, information and communication technology, cultural literacy, health literacy, civic literacy, financial literacy, community participation, geography and history, consumer awareness, scientific inquiry, and the 21st century work place.

Interested adults should call the Naugatuck Adult Education Office at (203) 720-5282.