Restaurant owner passes along keepsake before closing


PROSPECT — Carol Jones wanted to make sure that Mayor Robert Chatfield had something to remember her and the Prospect Dairy Bar.

Wednesday, the day the Prospect Dairy Bar closed, Jones presented Chatfield with the porcelain “PROSPECT” sign that had hung on a wall at the restaurant on Waterbury Road for the last 25 years or so.

The Prospect Dairy Bar has been a staple in Prospect for nearly seven decades. Jones bought the restaurant from Olive and Vincent Visockis in 1984 and ran it until last week.

Jones said people have offered to by the blue sign with Prospect spelled across it in white capital letters, but she made Chatfield a promise that she would give it to him.

It’s unclear where the sign was originally located in town. Chatfield thinks it may have been a sign for the former trolley line that ran through town or the former train station on Cheshire Road where the Prospect VFW Post 8075 is now.

Jones bought the sign from her brother-in-law, Carl Hotkowski, who is in the antique business and found the sign while cleaning out a three-family house in Waterbury.

What’s certain is where the sign will hang moving forward — Prospect Town Hall.


  1. I disagree! Have you ever eaten there? I have, believe me, once is enough! The first bad experience I had I chalked it up to the “Bad Day” syndrome. The second bad experience I decided
    ambiance is nice but it’s not so nice if the food isn’t as good as it’s expectation level. Maybe new management will save it’s reputation!