Prospect town employees search for owner of rings


PROSPECT — Public works employees made a rare discovery Thursday during a lunch break on the side of Route 69.

“We were just sitting and relaxing and eating lunch,” employee James Steinfeld said.

One of his colleagues heard a noise and when they looked, they saw a woman’s engagement ring. They found a man’s ring lying about 2 feet away, Steinfeld said.

The employees were in a grassy area about 10 to 15 feet from the road near the Big Dipper, 91 Waterbury Road, when they found the rings.

Steinfeld said the rings appeared to be matching. He didn’t want to give out too many details about the rings because he wants to make sure only the rightful owner claims them.

“I know that if they were mine I would want them back,” Steinfeld said.

The rings are being kept at the public works office for safe keeping, said Steinfeld, who posted about the rings on the “What’s Up Prospect” as well as the “You Know You Are From Prospect When” Facebook pages.

Steinfield said that anyone who wants to claim them should call public works at 203-758-4983 or the Mayor’s Office at 203-758-4461.

Mayor Robert Chatfield said town officials aren’t sure if the rings fell from someone’s car by accident or if they were thrown in anger.

Chatfield described speculation about the rings as kind of “cute” and noted that Aria, a banquet facility that hosts weddings and other celebrations, is about 1 mile away from where rings were found.

“The guys were sitting there having their lunch and heard a ping, ping, ping, and there were two rings on the road,” Chatfield said.