Police charge teens after fight following graduation


NAUGATUCK — Police say they arrested three teenagers after a group got into a fight after the Naugatuck High School graduation ceremony Tuesday night.

Officers and security personnel who broke up the melee suffered minor injuries, including scrapes and bruises, according to police.

Acting Deputy Chief C. Colin McAllister said he was not aware of anyone being taken to a hospital.

The three teenagers, all 17, were charged with second-degree breach of peace. Police also charged one of the teenagers with third-degree assault. Police did not identify those facing charges because they are under 18 years old, and did not say whether they were Naugatuck High School students.

Naugatuck School Superintendent Sharon Locke did not respond to messages asking for more detail.

The investigation is ongoing, McAllister said, and police may make additional arrests.

He said that officers and security reacted quickly to diffuse the violence.

“It is only due to their quick response that this resulted in a minimal disruption to what was a special night for Naugatuck’s students and their families,” McAllister said.


  1. Charged with what? Teens can do anything they want with zero penalties. Steal/crash cars, sell dope, steal, violent acts.
    Liberal courts reward this behavior. They are simply sent the home to the original loser parents/guardians they possess. It’s these loser parents that need modification. If you can find them.