Grant to build urban oases in Prospect


PROSPECT — The Town of Prospect and the Prospect Land Trust recently received a $3,000 grant to build an urban oases site at McGrath Park.

The Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership project, a partnership between the New Haven Harbor Watershed and Audubon Connecticut, awarded the grant using federal funds. The partnership is dedicated to the improvement of watershed health and re-establishment of quality habitat for migratory birds while also addressing community needs in underserved neighborhoods in greater New Haven.

The urban oases and green spaces for people and wildlife are designed to create a stopover habitat in urban areas for migrating songbirds and to inspire people to take conservation action and long-term stewardship of their communities.

Prospect Land Trust President Bill Rinckel said plantings that attract migrating songbirds and interpretive signage to educate people will be installed at McGrath Park, which is located off Cheshire Road and near Long River Middle School.

Rinckel said the location provides opportunities to connect existing green space and easy public access to aid in community engagement. He added the site’s proximity to the middle school provides educational opportunities to foster conservation with students.

Rinckel said the design work will be done over the winter and spring. The oases is expected to be complete by the late summer or fall, he said.