Letter: Nardello fights for her constituents

To the editor,

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, in her run for state senator, Vickie Nardello will have my family’s vote and so many of my fellow neighbors and friends in nearby towns for one simple reason. She will always have her constituents’ back.

Eight years ago, I watched as Vickie jumped into the middle of the fray when out of nowhere a proposal appeared for two industrial wind turbines in the middle of our densely populated residential neighborhoods. She fought for public hearings with the legislature and allowed each of us the chance to be heard. In the end, reason won out, and thanks to Vickie our neighborhoods are not only protected but maintain a bond forged from her leadership.

I had watched for years as Vickie showed the same fortitude in championing quality of life issues for my neighbors and friends that sometimes are lost in battles that bigger interests can more effectively win. Her strong support for the eventual construction of the school district’s own Woodland Regional High School had my daughter attending one of the finest schools in the state.

And I witnessed the final construction of the town water lines that helped my friends living in the neighborhoods off Straitsville Road, such as Coachlight and Cambridge, with successful state support for funding led by Vickie’s call for her constituents.

To ensure that she will be there for the town in the future please vote for Vickie Nardello for state Senate on Nov. 6.

Ken Aubertin