Letter: Garden club thankful for generosity


To the editor,

I am a member of the Laurel Garden Club in Beacon Falls, and at one of our meetings, the idea was raised that we should plant an additional garden in the downtown Main Street median.  There are some existing gardens in the median, but not all of the intersections have them. We went to the Board of Selectmen’s meeting and asked for permission to undertake such a planting.

We were given permission at the next monthly meeting. Selectman Peter Betkoski quickly stepped up and volunteered to dig up the area for the bed. Doug Bousquet also volunteered to deliver the necessary topsoil.

They cannot be thanked enough for volunteering. The job was made so much easier due to their generosity. The Laurel Garden Club wants to publicly thank them for contributing to the project to beautify our small town.

Susan Keating

Beacon Falls



  1. Great to hear, Susan! Please let the Conservation Commission know when the planting will be, I’m sure some of us will be able to help out.