Letter: Put proposed public works facility deep in the woods

To the editor,

Are town officials concerned about neighborhoods bordering a proposed new public works facility (Aug. 30, “New public works facility, recycling center in the works”), and its negative effects concerning noise, traffic, and real estate values? I think not. Is this just going to be a project rammed down taxpayer throats as usual? I think so.

After taking a hike up the hill boarding my home on High Ridge Road, I noticed already a major early mistake in this endeavor. The dirt, sand, bark recycle bins are positioned parallel to High Ridge Road very close to the existing houses below the hill. Trucks loading and unloading slam their back tailgates making a tremendous bang throughout the neighbor when operating in that facility. My infant grandson is often awakened by this constant afternoon disturbance during his naps.

Is this the kind of poor planning that’s going to occur with this project? With all the acreage up there, this is where this busy noisy area is positioned. Unbelievable. Less than 100 feet above the houses on High Ridge Road.

I hope town officials allow early viewing of these plans, and take constructive feedback from the area neighborhood residents before they make more additional mistakes in the proper positioning for this facility. Put it deep in the woods, not bordering homes in the surrounding areas.

Kevin Leahy