Letter: Beacon Falls should have a sewer usage fee

To the editor,

When will our town leadership wake up? Beacon Falls is one of the only towns in the Valley without a sewer usage fee.

Less than 50 percent of residents are connected to the sewers, but all taxpayers support the wastewater treatment plant. No existing residents have been connected for years, and the town apparently has no plan to connect any in the future.

The standard has already been set by neighboring towns that have sewer usage fees. If we followed our neighboring towns, our taxes would go down, or we could start connecting existing residents, or stop borrowing money for wastewater treatment plant upgrades, which of course taxpayers will eventually foot the bill.

I find it sad that this problem has gone on for so long. I have lived in this town for 18 years and have paid $400 per year to have my septic tank pumped out. That’s $7,200 more over 18 years I’ve had to pay while my neighbors who are connected to the sewers pay the same taxes. I find this quite unfair and am sure all my fellow septic system neighbors (the majority of taxpayers) do too.

Kurt Hummel

Beacon Falls