Teen sentenced to 18 months for robbery attempt

Derrick Wilson

WATERBURY — A teen who tried, but failed, to rob a retired police officer in Naugatuck was sentenced Monday to 18 months in prison as part of a plea deal.

Derrick Wilson, 19, was charged in August with grabbing the now 75-year-old retired police officer by the shoulder to turn him around while he was walking near Linden Park, then pointing a silver handgun at him, and demanding money.

The intended robbery target recognized the handgun wasn’t real and tried to strike it out of the teen’s hand with his umbrella. He told the teen he didn’t have any money and waved the umbrella at Wilson to fend him off. The would-be robber took off running, police said.

Wilson pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree robbery as part of a plea deal.

The retired officer provided a letter to the court that was read Monday by State’s Attorney Maureen Platt, stating he believed the sentence Wilson received was a miscarriage of justice. He was not only victimized by Wilson during the robbery, but was victimized once again, this time by the state, the letter read.

Judge Roland Fasano called the retired officer a hero who turned the tables on Wilson.

But Fasano was surprised about the retired officer’s description of the deal as an injustice, as he noted Wilson was 18 at the time and did not have a criminal record. Wilson will be on probation for three years after he’s released and Fasano ordered he have no contact with the retired officer.