Letter: Administration has seriously deepened divides

To the editor,

I realize not everyone shares my left-wing, liberal views, but let’s, at least, face reality. Former President Obama got virtually no support from Republicans. What he did get was loads of criticism and hate speech. This included accusations that he wasn’t eligible to be president, a lie backed by now President Trump. Several Republicans said their main goal was to stop Obama passing any legislation at all — hardly doing their job or helping the country.

Hillary Clinton seems to have become, for many right-wing Americans, the devil incarnate. More than a year after President Trump came into office, she is still being accused of being behind just about everything bad that happens in his administration. If even half of this were true, Clinton would far exceed Superwoman with her amazing powers.

Just consider the many recordings and tweets from President Trump, and it’s obvious he is his own worst problem. He has offended many of America’s long-time allies, made crude and offensive comments about many groups and individuals, and fired or fallen out with many of his own appointees or fellow Republicans. Yet he still pouts and complains like a spoiled child every time his fragile ego is hurt. He seems incapable of accepting blame for his own actions.

This administration has seriously deepened the divides in this country, setting group against group. It has engendered and encouraged distrust and suspicion of many organizations whose existence is meant to ensure our freedoms and right to free speech — the press, justice system, FBI and CIA. I believe President Trump and his cohorts themselves invented the “fake news” he frequently rages against — again reinforcing the average person’s worries and lack of trust in “the system.”

Like Ms. Shirley Anderson, who wrote the letter “Senators should stop bashing Trump, do job” (Citizen’s News, Feb. 9, 2018), I am sick of dirty political football and I have to say that it’s not going to improve until we get someone in the White House with at least some morals and integrity.

Terry Peirce