Law would bar sex offenders from most public spaces


NAUGATUCK — Sex offenders will no longer be allowed in borough-owned parks, schools, playgrounds, recreation and event centers, pools, gyms, sports fields and facilities, trails, or open space if the Board of Mayor and Burgesses approves a new “Child Safety Zone” ordinance.

The board will hold a hearing on the proposed ordinance at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday in the Hall of Burgesses at Town Hall, 229 Church St.

The ordinance was inspired by a young girl who was raped repeatedly as a child, according to Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess. He said the offender has been released from prison and recently seen frequenting town parks.

Under the proposal, police will notify all registered sex offenders in the area. Violators of the order could be issued an infraction ticket for $250.

The police department will post a list of registered sex offenders in its records area for the public to view and child safety zones will be clearly marked at the entrance of included locations, according to the ordinance.



  1. Why is Naugatuck even considering a strategy that is contradicted by every study done on the subject? The proposals being put forth in for restrictions against persons on the sex offender registry are contradicted by what a huge body of research, data, and experts show about sexual offending. There is literally zero evidence supporting the effectiveness of such measures. Not only are these restrictions time and cost consuming without producing any desired results, they often create conditions that work against public safety rather than in its favor.
    This is the result of the appeal of one former victim. When he was molesting her for all of those years, he was not on the registry. He did not grab her in a park or other public place. He was in her life and had private access to her, as is the case in virtually all instances of child molestation. What she suffered was horrible. Creating policy in her name that will waste resources and protect no one is hardly an appropriate way to show support for her suffering. Please learn the facts about child sexual abuse.