Letter: Americans should be able to test out tax reform

To the editor,

President Donald Trump and Speaker Paul Ryan have had numerous press briefings where they held up and hugged the new one page tax form. They declared how simple and beautiful the new plan would be, a real Christmas present. However, there has been considerable conjecture on who will be the winners and losers. I believe all Americans should have a chance to test the plan for themselves, before it becomes law.

Now I know this sounds like a crazy idea, essentially to try something before you buy it, but why not? Let’s give it a test drive. I am sure the majority of interested Americans could simply take data from their 2016 tax return and plug the numbers into the form and see the results. It will be so simple, that’s what they say.

Finally, all members of Congress, who plan to vote for the new tax plan, must complete the new form and publish their results. OK, I know I am overreaching.

Allen Schwartz

Beacon Falls