Letter: Beacon Falls is lucky to have Chris Bielik

To the editor,

Several years ago, I happen to be in Subway several months after our town election for lunch.

I was witness to a political conversation between two patrons. Their volume was loud enough that I felt comfortable to jump in and asked what they thought about First Selectman Chris Bielik.

The response was that he is OK, like every other. I was a little surprised at the detached tone and said we are lucky to have him and here’s why:

The man is a career U.S. Navy pilot that achieved the rank of commander. While in the military he was able to get a degree in public administration. He later ran the Naval Air Reserve Center in Minneapolis as the result of his degree and training. He retired with a pension and does not only rely on the small town salary to support his family.

I further commented that many prior first selectman, whether by choice or necessity, only treated the job as a part-time position. If you drive by Town Hall during the week you will almost always see Chris’ car parked there. Chris treats this as full time and is duty bound, in actuality it is. His job entails dealing with town business, taxes, school budgets writing the state for grant money and calling constituents, just to name a few tasks. The man rarely gets a day “outside of harness” as town-related issues can occur seven days a week.

I’m reasonably sure Mr. Bielik picked up an additional voter that day in Subway.

As a matter of fact his opponent in the November race, Republican Ken George, has no political experience, has never served on a town board and has a full-time job. This job cannot be done by a part-timer.

Bill Giglio

Beacon Falls