Letter: Another misstep with Lewis house

To the editor,

The saga of the Tracy Lewis House continues. Another misstep and delay. Our town leaders proposed a survey on the ballot for Election Day asking the electorate their opinion on the project and on one of three building proposals but not mentioning the talked about price of $6 million.

How gullible do they think the taxpayers are? Haven’t they ever heard of the old saying, “Don’t buy a pig in a poke.”  But the bait-and-switch scheme didn’t work. State officials said questions on the ballot must ask residents to approve a specific dollar amount.

They elected to say nothing about the Tracy Lewis House on Election Day. They refuse to sell this unused town property and return the funds to the town treasury so as to reduce taxes. Mark my words, they’ll be back with another proposal to raise your taxes.

James Woodward

Beacon Falls