Letter: Letter raised questions on proposed ordinance

To the editor,

The Aug. 4, 2017 Citizen’s News printed a letter from Mr. Joe Pavlik and his concern and comment related to elected officials who owe back taxes. I do not intend to directly comment on his letter, but Mr. Pavlik’s letter has raised questions to me from residents related to the two ordinances I proposed which addressed possible action and restriction on both elected officials and local contractors who owe back taxes. The intent of both ordinances would have protected Beacon Falls taxpayers from those who would take advantage of current laws and skip paying taxes, while still being paid a salary or being awarded town contracts.

In short, I withdrew both ordinances after the town received opinions on both from our town attorney, who in these opinions did not find any specific language in state statutes or other town ordinances that supported the language I proposed. Having this opinion and having strong suspicion that neither of the other sitting selectmen would support the ordinances, I reluctantly withdrew them.

Mike Krenesky


Beacon Falls

The writer is the Republican endorsed candidate for selectman in the 2017 election and the chairman of the Republican Town Committee.