$10 million road plan heading to referendum

A $10 million plan for road repairs is heading to referendum this month.

BEACON FALLS — The Board of Selectmen set a special town meeting for Sept. 22 to discuss a $10 million bond package to repair a number of the town’s crumbling roads over the next 10 years.

Officials hope to hold a referendum on the matter Sept. 29.

Voters previously rejected a $5.1 million bond package for road repairs in March, but officials blamed the narrow loss on controversial repaving equipment included in the package.

This second bond package will not include the Benedetti pavement recycling equipment, but the Council of Governments was expected to meet in Beacon Falls Wednesday morning to learn more about the equipment and look into purchasing it as a regional effort.

The new bond package covers more roads and is a longer-range plan than the first package, which only covered immediate costs.

Selectman Michael Krenesky expressed concern that as costs rise over the years, the town won’t be able to finish all the roads on the current list.

“I think costs are going to change dramatically over the 10 years,” Krenesky said at a Board of Selectman meeting Monday.

First Selectman Susan Cable said not all the roads on the list were guaranteed to be repaired, but the town would work on as many as it could before running out of money.

She said Beacon Falls will continue to look for grant money for roads, even if the bond package passes.

The following roads are tentatively schedule for repairs under the new bond package:

Starting this year

Blackberry Hill Road

Dolly Drive

Highland Avenue

Maple Street

Patricia Terrace

Wolfe Avenue

In the next five years

Avenue B

Avenue C

Avenue D

Avenue E

Beacon Valley Road (partial)

Burton Road (partial)

West Road (partial)

Noe Place

North Circle

South Circle

In the next 10 years

Buckingham Drive

Fairfield Place

Feldspar Avenue

Edwards Lance

Molleur View Drive

Old Sawmill Drive

Starwood Lane