105th race four votes shy of recount

Republican Len Greene Jr., left, waves to a voter driving into Laurel Ledge Elementary School in Beacon Falls Tuesday afternoon. By his side are his mother, Robin Andrews, and his uncle, Joseph Pinto. Greene lost a close race for the 105th House District to Democrat Theresa Conroy. The race fell four votes shy of an automatic recount, according to Greene. –ELIO GUGLIOTTI

BEACON FALLS — There will be no recount in the state House race between Republican Len Greene Jr. and Democrat Theresa Conroy.

“We confirmed with the Secretary of State that the official total was four votes short of an automatic recount,” Greene said Thursday morning.

The race was a rematch from 2010 when Greene, then the challenger, defeated Conroy, then the incumbent, by 99 votes, to represent the 105th District. As results came in Tuesday night it was clear the rematch was going to be another close one. Unofficial numbers gave Conroy the win but Greene had been advised by his campaign team and attorneys with the state Republicans to not make any concession Tuesday evening.

If the margin of victory was within 0.5 percent of the total votes the race would have gone to a recount.

After consulting with the Secretary of State’s office, Greene said Thursday that he would not seek a recount and conceded the race.

“There are some outstanding constituent issues that I hope to see completed,” said Greene, a 32-year-old title searcher from Seymour. “If not, I will let Theresa know and she will pick the ball up and get it over the line.”

Conroy, a 55-year-old nurse practitioner from Seymour, said Tuesday night she views the victory as a win for the entire district.

“I look at it not as a win for myself, but as a win for the 105th district overall,” Conroy said. “I fought this campaign because I thought the people of the 105th District needed the voice of someone fighting for their needs.”

The exact results of the race were unclear as of this post. The Derby Registrars of Voters office reported Conroy received 337 votes to Greene’s 191. In Beacon Falls, Democratic Registrar of Voter Katherine Grace reported Greene received 1,683 votes to Conroy’s 1,128. Messages left with the Seymour Registrars of Voters office and the Secretary of State’s office seeking the final results were not returned as of this post.