Letter: Time to send Nardello back to Hartford


To the editor,

I believe there is no other state representative who has taken his or her responsibility as seriously as Vickie Nardello always did when she was our 89th District state representative. It is time to send her back to represent us in Hartford.

Vickie is one of the most conscientious, dedicated, sincere and hard-working women I have ever known. She is intensely committed to her constituents and to advocating for their health, education, safety and financial stability. Vickie was instrumental in bringing millions of dollars in grant money to Prospect for waterlines to ensure that our schools and several neighborhoods now have an adequate water supply.

Vickie does not take her responsibilities as a public servant lightly and believes vehemently in accountability. She does not promote her own agenda or seek personal gain. She is a consummate researcher and works tirelessly to understand the pertinent aspects of an issue before she renders her vote. She is an unparalleled and constant conduit of information for our district. Each person matters to Vickie — as an individual. All of her efforts have shown that.
She has demonstrated time after time that she is willing to take on tough challenges and key issues, and has earned respect from Republicans and Democrats alike. She doesn’t just complain or talk about an issue, but instead works to achieve real solutions to problems through innovative actions and consensus building.

It’s time to return a woman of substance and advocacy to Hartford, rather than settle for rhetoric and passivity. I urge you to join me on Nov. 4 in voting for Vickie Nardello to be our next state representative for the 89th District.

Theresa Cocchiola Graveline


The writer is a member of the Prospect Town Council.