Letter: Not all blight created equal


To the editor,

The more I read the opinion letters in the Citizen’s News the more sick and sad I become. The lack of jobs and the high taxes do not help the residents of this town keep a roof over their heads. We are a country/town ready to help the world and continue to oppress our own people.

Does any leader of this town believe that charity begins at home? What is the blight enforcement supposed to do for someone like Jessica Johnson? There are so many people overwhelmed with heavy loads, physically, mentally, and financially. Does Mr. Carter have nothing better to do with his time? I have a suggestion for you sir: Why don’t you knock at the doors of those blighted homes and offer a helping hand? Why don’t you offer some of your time/money to help your/our neighbor in need?

I agree that some homeowners do not take pride in their property, but please do not put everybody in the same basket and start fining people left and right. Keep in mind that the paychecks are different from household to household and our priorities are different from yours.

We all see things differently and this is the beauty of our freedom. Isn’t it?

Maria DeRosa