Irene deals flooding, tree damage to Beacon Falls (video report)


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This tree was uprooted by Hurricane Irene and landed on this house on Rimmon Hill Road in Beacon Falls. Credit: Kyle Brennan

BEACON FALLS — Hurricane Irene dealt strong—but not debilitating—blows to Beacon Falls Saturday night and Sunday as the storm flooded several areas, including a steep rise in the Naugatuck River, and caused numerous downed trees and power outages.

Most of the town maintained electricity throughout the hurricane—which was downgraded to a tropical storm halfway through its effects on Connecticut—but some areas may be without power for up to a week following downed power lines on Rice Lane and Cook Lane.

Hurricane Irene exploited a problem spot in Beacon Falls when its heavy rain caused flooding at the intersection of Munson, Blackberry Hill, Skokorat, and Bethany on Route 42. Credit: Kyle Brennan

Numerous areas around town were flooded, including the intersection of Munson, Blackberry Hill, Skokorat, and Bethany on Route 42 and at Highland and Burton.

The Naugatuck River also rose to its highest levels in recent memory as heavy rains in Beacon Falls and points north pushed the river up its banks, causing flooding and forcing evacuations downriver in Seymour.

Due to the rise in the river, town officials asked residents along Main Street to temporarily evacuate to Woodland Regional High School. In addition, there was a report of partially washed out train tracks next to High Rock Road.

The Naugatuck River rose to its highest level in recent memory due to the heavy rains of Hurricane Irene. Credit: Kyle Brennan

Damage to trees was rampant throughout town, especially on the south side where large limbs and whole trees came down on Rimmon Hill and West Road. Leaves, twigs, and small branches littered many streets.

No injuries were reported on Saturday night or Sunday as a result of the storm.