Ballots and polling locations


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These locations will be open for voting Tuesday, November 2 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Naugatuck has eight locations : Cross St. School, Andrew Ave. School, Western School, Central Ave. School, Maple Hill School, Oak Terrace, City Hill Middle School and the Senior Center. Call (203) 720-7055 to find out which one you should go to.

Beacon Falls has one location : Laurel Ledge School

Prospect has two locations : District 1 votes at the Prospect Fire House. District 2 votes at the Community School. To find out which district you are in, call (203) 758-4461.

Below are the ballots you will see on Tuesday.

Click here to see the ballot for Prospect.
Click here to see the ballot for Naugatuck.
Click here to see the ballot for Beacon Falls