Woodland girls gleefully give back with senior project

International Myeloma Foundation

When she was seven years old, Allison Tuohy’s father, Michael Tuohy, was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. He has been living with the disease, which is a cancer of the bone marrow, for 11 years.

When she was little, Tuohy said she didn’t know that much about her father’s illness. She just knew he was sick and couldn’t play and had to go to the doctor a lot. As she got older, Tuohy said she started helping and getting involved with the International Myeloma Foundation, and organization which promotes education, research, support and advocacy for the disease.

Tuohy said the organization gave her family a lot of guidance.

“The International Myeloma Foundation has been with us there every step of the way,” Tuohy said.

Through the foundation, the Tuohys knew they could always call a doctor when there was trouble or they had questions.

“They really help to give up peace of mind about the future,” Thuoy said.

Now she wants to give back.

Tuohy and her partner, Rebecca Norton, seniors at Woodland Regional High School, are hosting a Glee Club performance June 3 to raise money for the organization.

The club is the girls’ senior project.

Tuohy said she thought it would be fun to start a glee club. Inspired by the popular television show of the same name, Tuohy and Norton started a club that incorporates singing and dance.

The group, which has eight members, started rehearsing in November. Tuohy arranged vocal parts and chorography for the group.

The girls’ goal was to raise $2,000 for the cause, but they have already blown past that with over $3,000 from sponsors and they hope to raise more after the performance.

The performance is free, but the group will gladly accept donations.

The Chamber Choir will also perform, before the Glee Club.

Tuohy said she thinks it will be an entertaining evening for everybody.

The performance starts at 7 p.m. at Woodland. Donations can be made online at www.glee.myeloma.org. For details e-mail Tuohy@snet.net or call (203) 206-3536.

“It was a lot more work than I anticipated it to be, but I feel hopefully it’s all going to be worth it,” Tuohy said.