Local Scouts take steps toward Eagle badge


Boy Scout James Giacomazzi of Prospect Troop 258 poses for a picture outside the Prospect Senior Center. Giacomazzi made improvements at the senior center as his Eagle Scout project. –CONTRIBUTED

Two Boy Scouts stepped closer to becoming Eagle Scouts last weekend.

Dan Capone of Naugatuck Troop 138 worked on clearing out a trail about a third of a mile long and campsite at Toby’s Pond in Beacon Falls.

“At first it was a trail, four to five years ago. Then it got overgrown and no one took care of it. Now I’m here to take out the brush and make it a trail again,” Capone said. “It was fully overgrown and no one could go into there and camp.”

Capone said he heard about this project when Richard Minnick, who is the steward of Toby’s Pond, came to one of his troop meetings to enlist help at the pond.

After Minnick explained what the project was, Capone felt that it would be a good fit for his Eagle Scout project.

“That was back in April, and here I am in October and I’m going to do this project,” Capone said.

Capone explained that when he heard about this, he knew that it was the project for him.

“I just love this project because I love being outside,” Capone said.

Although Capone had not been to Toby’s Pond before choosing it as his Eagle Scout project, he now really enjoys the park. He said that there is a lot of work to be done at the park, but it is a great place to go fishing, camping, and hiking.

“It’s just a really good public area,” Capone said.

James Giacomazzi of Prospect Troop 258 also took on his Eagle Scout project last weekend.

For his project, Giacomazzi helped make improvements at the Prospect Senior Center. Giacomazzi sanded and repainted benches out front and replaced handrails.

Giacomazzi said before he did that work the handrails were not very sturdy and he was worried about the safety of the seniors.

He decided on this project after visiting the senior center with his mother.

“I saw that it was an important thing to be done for the people in my town,” Giacomazzi said.

For Giacomazzi, helping his town out was a pivotal aspect of his Eagle Scout project.

“I think it’s important to help my town because I am one of the citizens who live in it, and it is important to help things run smoothly,” Giacomazzi said.

Now that he has finished his Eagle Scout project, Giacomazzi is one step closer to his longtime goal of becoming an Eagle Scout.

“Ever since I started, I always wanted to reach [Eagle Scout]. Now that I am so close I think it is a great accomplishment that I will remember for the rest of my life,” Giacomazzi said.

Last weekend was the last weekend of Giacomazzi’s Eagle Scout project. Capone has one more weekend at Toby’s Pond on Oct. 27 and Oct. 28.