Beacon Falls police officer pursues acting dream

When Beacon Falls police Officer Greg Nutcher is not fighting crime, the 42-year-old keeps busy making movies.

Greg Nutcher, a 42-year-old retired police detective who works part-time with the Beacon Falls Police Department, believes that his extensive work on the force prepared him for his true passion — acting.

“Any successful police detective needs to develop different characters that adapt to the person you are attempting to obtain information from,” Nutcher said.

Nutcher said that while he always wanted to be an actor, he realized the field of law enforcement was must more likely to offer him a stable career. At the age of 20, he was hired by the Hamden Police Department. He retired from the force in 2006, having received over 25 awards and commendations.

After retiring, Nutcher attended acting school in New York City and was cast in several minor roles that he never felt satisfied with. His dissatisfaction with these films fed his desire to be more involved with the films on a creative level.

“I started writing my own screenplays in the hopes of getting them made,” Nutcher said, “Once I wrote them, I couldn’t imagine anyone else being able to have the same vision for a film I had.”

On Nov. 4 three short films-“Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MOE,” “Ethan,” and “Going Home”- featuring Nutcher premiered at Seymour’s Strand Theatre.

“Eeny, Meeny, Miny, MOE” features two scenes filmed in Beacon Falls — one at Full Harvest Bar & Grill and one on Cold Springs Road. Nutcher said the town was ideal for filming because of how quiet it is and because of its “picturesque” look.

Nutcher is most proud of his film “Going Home,” which he personally wrote, cast, and filmed.  It tells the story of Brian Hill, a man recently released from prison on parole who tries to exonerate himself in the eyes of his estranged daughter. Nutcher said that the story was based on experiences he had throughout his two decades as a police officer.

Nutcher submitted “Going Home” to the Sundance film festival, which he hopes will draw interest to the film and financing for future film projects.

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