VNA is an invaluable town service


letters_flatTo the editor,

My husband and I are writing this letter in support of Mrs. Theresa Stiber, RN, and the Naugatuck visiting nurses. We have all benefited from their professional and skillful care for many years and realize what a loss it will be to the town if their services are privatized.

The residents of Naugatuck are privileged to have had the VNA located in our community for 94 years. The VNA helps many town residents. Patients are coming home from the hospitals sooner and sicker than before with medical and physical needs that must be addressed and coped with. People with disabilities utilize their services. The nurses help to coordinate services between doctors and health agencies and provide support for the families and of their clients.

It is reassuring to come home from the hospital on a Friday afternoon and see the smiling face of the VNA nurse at your door on a Saturday morning.

Congratulations to the Naugatuck VNA for their invaluable contribution to the health and welfare of the citizens of Naugatuck. Thank you.

Richard and Mary Lou Burmeister