Letter: Take the time to replace worn flags


To the editor,

This letter is directed to all business owners, homeowners, municipal buildings, and all others who show their patriotism by flying the flag of our country. As I drive around Naugatuck, it is inspiring to see the symbol of our nation being displayed by so many.

The reason for this letter is not just to pay a compliment to everyone displaying our flag, but to remind them that when their flag is worn, ripped, faded or in any other way unfit for use, time should be taken to replace it with a new one.

Many businesses in Naugatuck have a variety of U.S. flags for sale at reasonable prices.  A new flag can also be purchased through the offices of our local congressmen and women. Their office telephone numbers can be found in the blue pages of the telephone directory. For an additional fee, flags that have been flown over our nation’s capitol are available with a certificate stating when the flag was flown.

If you are reading this letter and you have a flag in need of replacement, show the proper respect and please, replace it. Note: you may dispose of your old flags by placing them in the red, white and blue mailbox next to the main firehouse.

Bob Genovese

Vietnam veteran