Letter: Republican supports Vickie Nardello


To the editor

I have been a Republican for my entire life. This year, however, I will be voting for Vickie Nardello.

During a stressful situation in my neighborhood Vickie went beyond the limits to be helpful and understanding to us. She did not care about our political views she listened as an open-minded observer. She proved to me that she really listens to the people she represents and steps up the plate to rectify an injustice. She listened to our concerns and made her own decisions given the facts. Vickie was always available to listen to us.  Vickie returned our calls promptly and visited our neighborhood to see our concerns herself, and to give us information as to what our next step may meet.

On a personal note, yes, she has been our representative for many years, however, Vickie has proven herself and is well-respected by her peers. She has spearheaded many committees to improve the life of her constitutes. She has tirelessly worked many hours a day and even when not in session is always working to improve our way of life.

I have never met a more dedicated, hard working person and I will proudly be voting for Vickie Nardello, our representative

Karen Dunn