Letter to the editor: Proposed wind turbine too close to home


There has been a lot of controversy about the wind turbine site BNE energy company in Prospect, CT. I believe that this is an important controversy that we, the residents of Prospect, need to fight for. I have lived in CT for all my life and would be lying if Prospect would not be the town I call my home. To stay in Prospect is the world to me considering that it took me more than ten years of bouncing from foster home to foster home to find it. The family that I found is the most loving and accepting people that I have ever lived with. Unfortunately, the proposed wind turbine site would make living 2000 feet away a nightmare with the shadow flicker as well as the whooshing sound my newly found family and I would hear. My additional worry is the health side effects that can happen especially with those with autism. I have a younger brother with autism, which currently still lives in foster homes, which I hope to take care of after I graduate college in the next few years and it would mean the world to me to share the love of the family that I found with him as well. I know that the turbines would be a stepping stone for CT as well as the 2010 ‘going green’ campaign, but not in my family’s backyard as well as our neighbors. Although many others grow up in the same house all their lives, I was not handed that opportunity and having finally found that home with a loving family and a place where so many memories are stored I am willing to stand behind the residents of Prospect and fight to keep the turbines away from the residential neighborhoods.
Julie Bergeron