Letter: Naugatuck needs a conservation commission


To the editor,

There is a great need for a conservation commission in Naugatuck. For the last three decades Naugatuck has experienced over development, which has depleted our woodlands, devalued property, polluted air and water resources, while endangering wildlife habitat.

Currently, wildlife, such as deer, run amuck in neighborhoods all across town on a daily bases disrupting our lives, and jeopardizing our safety because their natural habitat is being destroyed. The town of Naugatuck is considering implementing a conservation commission to oversee future development projects, while protecting passive open space, which the town is in dire need of.

It has come to our attention that there are a few members of the Board of Burgesses that are opposed to the people’s right to challenge and oversee the use of town property and other development questions. This should not stand due to the fact that the citizens of Naugatuck deserve a direct voice in what happens and town officials shouldn’t be an impediment to that end.

The Board of Burgesses is elected by the people and it is the will of the people that should be their priority.

Mayor Robert Mezzo said that the conservation commission would be on a voluntary basis and would only function as an advisory to the town. Citizens would oversee the commission and its credibility would solely be based on how effective its members are.

A conservation committee will allow citizens of Naugatuck to coordinate with the town’s other commissions e.g. planning commission and to protect passive open space while creating a safe and healthy environment for future generations.

Michael Turman