Letter to the editor: The great abortion hoax


For almost forty years since Roe vs Wade, millions of young girls and women have been given the great lie that they are only carrying a fetus, a product of conception that is not a baby. Funny thing is, Fetus is a Latin word that means “little one” not “little blob of tissue”. Post-abortion depression and suicides have skyrocketed since this lie has been pushed on so many. Abortion providers have and are still making billions by convincing women that they can get “rid of the problem” with no aftereffects. New York City just reported that 41% of pregnancies there are aborted. America, please wake up to the truth and help these little helpless ones who suffer great pain while being pulled from what should be the safest place on Earth for them.

Marilyn Hawley, R.N.
East Hartland, CT