Thank you to the Beacon Falls Town Employees for keeping the roads safe


I would like to say “THANK YOU!” and pass on a big pat on the back for the town employees in Beacon Falls that have been cleaning up the streets. We are having quite the winter and I know that I have been staying inside for the sake of safety. However, these town employees don’t have that option. They are up early, leaving their families for hours, to make sure our town is safe for those that need to go out and drive. And it doesn’t stop at the roads, there’s the fire house, senior center, schools and other town facilities that they are also taking care of. It’s something that is so easy to take for granted and not think about. But, without these workers plowing and cleaning up, it would be very dangerous for us and a huge mess. So, thank you to all of our amazing Beacon Falls employees that continue keeping us safe.