Letter: Resident talks presidential politics


letters_flatTo the editor,

The basic theme of today’s [Nov. 14] session was to explain how the Obamacare program would be adjusted to overcome the developing deficiencies.

As I see it, we now have a law that is a done deal. How can Obama simply say “we” will do this or that to fix things? Where does he get the dictatorial authority to do anything without review and action by Congress?

With the news pointing out the concentration of power in our federal executive office, the “controllability” of the Senate and the increasingly tightly-edited news conferences why has no one spoken up about how similar theses situations are to Hitler’s actions in the early 1930s? Do we forget history?

Obama is on yet another fundraising trip. Why can’t he simply stay at work so he might learn what is going on?

He always claims that he was unaware of what was going on. Is there no way to discipline this guy?

Joseph Goebbels, during his reign as the chief minister of Nazi propaganda, from decades ago, would have been proud of the AP photo in the page 6A of the Waterbury Republican American. (issue of Nov. 4, page 6A). The depiction of our gutless leader standing in front of the seal forming a halo about his head, with the three distinctively minority youngsters in the background cannot be a mere coincidence. This is absurd.

Ray Kunz          

Beacon Falls