Name change disrespectful to donors


I am writing to express my concern about the renaming of the newly merged St. Francis and St. Hedwig’s school in Naugatuck.

As an alumna of St. Hedwig’s, I feel it is a slap in the face to both our schools. At no time was I or any of my fellow graduates surveyed as to our opinion on this matter. My grandparents were part of the group of Polish immigrants who founded St. Hedwig’s Church and School and they, as well as my parents and I, were generous contributors to that school.

It is disrespectful to all families from both schools who have donated money or who have requested donations be made in memory of loved ones. I agree that the merger, even though it is personally a sad event, is necessary to keep good Catholic education continuing in Naugatuck, however, there is no need to change the name. Many schools in the state use two names – why can’t it be done in this case?

I have seen comments on the subject that say the reasoning behind the name change is due to the scandals that have been associated with St. Hedwig’s Church over the last several years. There have been many more good things that have been associated with St. Hedwig’s over the last 100 years of its existence that would surely outweigh the negative publicity of the last five.

If the name change does occur, I will disassociate myself from any requests for support and I certainly will encourage everyone I know to do the same.

I urge people to contact the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Mr. Dale Hoyt, at to express their opposition as well.

Donna Kuzan Collette
St. Hedwig School Class of 1970