Letter: Zahid is the best choice


To the editor,

On Nov. 2, voting for Shagufta Zahid for burgess is the best choice. She will mindfully represent our veterans, children, elders and all others residing in the town of Naugatuck.

Her caring and support for veterans can be seen in her involvement and participation with Mission 22 for the past two years at Gunntown Passive Park and Nature Preserve. With fellow Conservation Commission members, Shagufta handed out water and health snacks to walkers as they passed through the park, hiking 13 miles of trails.

Shagufta has the ability to serve our community as we all face challenges together. She has determination and achievement in making it through. She understands how disruptive and disconnected the pandemic years have been. Shagufta’s agility to share lessons she is learning for the future during the pandemic for better todays and tomorrows shows how proud the community is to place her as a candidate for the Democratic Party for Naugatuck. Her caring, during COVID-19, for all generations by developing programs such as the outside moon walks, Halloween event, We Grow Project, Climate Change Walk, enabled children and adults of all ages to participate in these engaging events safely following protocols.

Shagufta Zahid is a beautiful person dedicated to the needs of the people of Naugatuck. As a Realtor and citizen of Naugatuck she has good character, will work with honesty, dedication and intelligence. She is a true “Naugy Strong” fan.

She has moved from Pakistan and has adapted to Naugatuck’s cultural diverse population with her husband and exceptionally intelligent children since 2007. She is the candidate who will represent all of us in an extraordinary degree. She has common sense, experience and intelligence to support and acknowledge Naugatuck as an awesome diverse community of ages, religions, political beliefs, gender identities and socioeconomic levels. What Shagufta has and we all have in common is sharing our stories and calling Naugatuck our home.

She is my good friend and fellow Conservation Commission member for Naugatuck. This is just a whisper of what the community means to Shagufta and how she can help in numerous ways. We need her on the Board of Mayor and Burgesses, vote for Shagufta on Nov. 2.

Christine Yannielli