Letter: Will borough learn from animal control issue?


To the editor,

Like a lot of people in Naugatuck, I’ve followed the reports in your columns about the problems at the Naugatuck pound with dismay and disgust. I know from my own experience with Kristy Sturges that she did not take care of the animals in her control and lied about her actions and problems.

Before her appointment, I had got myself involved with talking with the mayor’s office about possible improvements to the running of the pound and had heard total trust and satisfaction expressed for the police chief’s ideas about running it, which at the time at least, seemed to be to kill all the animals in it as quickly as possible.

The idea I discussed of greater involvement with animal welfare groups and with volunteers from the general public was dismissed as impossible and undesirable—even though many other towns already do this.

I would remind people of the letter published in your July 1 issue where the president of Straykatz raised the same points. Let’s put the blame for this mess where it belong—with the mayor and the police chief, who don’t seem interested in what animal lovers in this borough want and who seem totally unconcerned about the suffering of animals. They were the ones who appointed Ms. Sturges and who continue to refuse to listen to anyone.

Capt. Scully was quoted as saying, “Mistakes were made, and we will learn from them.” I doubt it very much.

Terry Peirce