Letter: Why to vote for Smith-D’Amico team


To the editor,

This letter is in response to the letter to the editor by Kathy Grace, titled “Urges residents to vote for Democratic team.” My name is Ronald Jeffrey Holzman. I am a registered voter and a five-year resident of Beacon Falls. Just this past year, I was given the privilege to be elected chairman of the Republican Town Committee.
There has been a lot of he said, she said in the paper recently; each side making their points as to why they should be elected and why the other side should not. Personally, I think each person on both tickets is qualified per the position description for the job they are running for.

Some say you have to be the best educated to hold these various positions. Well, I say there is education (degrees) and then there is education (life). Education does not by itself impart wisdom or guarantee a good outcome. Remember, all those people (both parties) with degrees who gave us a $14 trillion debt.
Bottom line: Who are you going to trust with the future of our town?

Most importantly, who do you want to lead? The first selectman is the most significant position: sets the agenda, has final say on decisions, and is ultimately responsible for our town’s government.

What is the plan for our infrastructure? We have significance maintenance needs; sewage treatment plant, our roads, Matthies Park, town hall, a library expansion/relocation, and the list goes on. Yet the current administration is working from a 10-year-old master plan. Master plans are supposed to project five to 10 years in the future.

So what is on the horizon for the Beacon Falls taxpayer? We know we need to fix our roads, so start with a $10 million dollar bond package, and then add a $3 to $4 million dollar project to build a new community center, and the big one $47.5 million dollar school building bond.

Where’s the plan?

My point is “progress with vision” = growth = costs. Please define growth; we can’t take care of the infrastructure we have now. Ask yourself, what are core functions of town government? What are the essential services we should be providing? What are the budget priorities? We get a million dollar sidewalk, but it’s a crisis to get a new jaws of life for the fire department.

Time for a change.

Why vote for Gerard Smith for first selectman?

He possesses the knowledge and practical experience to lead Beacon Falls in to the future. He will: 1) Create a comprehensive plan for the most effective organization for the town to meet its core mission. 2) Develop a five-year capital equipment and infrastructure plan to avoid big tax spikes 3) Develop three-year operating budgets so residents are aware of the long term impact

And why select Dave D’Amico for selectman?

The mystery man, who was born and raised here, is a down-to-earth man with an unyielding work ethic and plain old good common sense. Gerard selected Dave as his selectman for one simple reason — he knows he can trust Dave. Dave is not a politician, who’s only interest is to do what is right for the town. Based on previous personal experience working together on the planning and zoning commission, Gerard knows Dave will: 1) Stand by him through the fire of adversity when he believes he is right. 2) Tell him when something is stupid and recommend a change in direction even when everybody else is saying go for it. 3) When he gives his word, not waiver or quit.

Choose for yourself; but as for me, I’m voting for the Smith-D’Amico team.

Ronald J. Holzman

Beacon Falls

Chair, Republican Town Committee