Letter: Wants investigation into Cheshire police


To the editor,

People want an investigation on the response time of CL&P and UI after Irene. It was obviously very poor by both companies. I would say it’s obvious they don’t have the trained and dedicated people they once did.

The investigation I’m waiting for is the response time by the Cheshire Police Department and the state police in the case of the Petit family.

It appears that the police were outside while incredible crimes were taking place. The response time was quick, but the action to save lives never took place, and I want to know why.

Until such time both of these subjects are investigated, which nothing will result, I suggest the following:
To help yourself in a storm have a generator on the ready to supply your electricity, especially in the winter months to protect from broken pipes or no heat.

For your protection from home invasion purchase a gun or guns, legally, and take a course on how to use them. This will eliminate you waiting for the police outside coming to your aid.

David R. Scott

Beacon Falls