Letter: Voting by absentee ballet can protect voters and poll workers


To the editor,

As most people know, there is a presidential preference primary being held on Aug. 11.

Because of the current pandemic, this causes health risks for voters and poll workers. This is why Gov. Lamont has issued an executive order which allows more voters to vote by absentee ballot.

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill has arranged for applications to be mailed to all registered Democrats and Republicans. Please read the directions that come with the application, if people qualify, complete the form and return it in the postage paid envelope in enough time to get a ballot on time.

Once an application is received and verified by the town clerk, an absentee ballot will be mailed. Carefully complete the ballot and sign the appropriate envelope before returning. Voters may mail the ballot back to the town clerk, or put it in a specially marked “drop-box” that will be installed specifically for that purpose.

I urge voters to take advantage of this opportunity to vote by absentee and protect themselves from exposure to the COVID-19 virus and also protect their neighbors who may have to vote in person or who may be working at the polls.

Thank you for considering others.

Katherine Grace

Beacon Falls

The writer is the Beacon Falls Democratic Registrar of Voters.


  1. Voting in person is not as deadly as the media wants us to believe. We are all going shopping, picking up take out food, going to other stores such as CVS, Walmart. We stand in lines at grocery stores etc. Voting is a very quick process and with the current situation I am confident that it will be very clean and sanitized.