Letter: Town Hall needs a housecleaning


letters_flatTo the editor,

DINO (Democrat in Name Only) Councilperson Theresa Graveline needs to consult a dictionary about the definition of the word “investigation.” At a recent Prospect Town Council meeting when a motion was made to launch an investigation of manipulated building permit fees, madam Graveline objected because she feared the term “investigation” suggests wrongdoing.

Real-Democrat Councilman Mike Scaviola re-introduced a letter composed by me and signed by 25 concerned citizens months ago, but ignored by council leaders, urging the council to engage an independent investigator to review permit fees to ensure that the proper fees were charged according to ordinance and statute. One could almost see “Mayor-for-Life” Bob Chatfield behind the curtain pulling the strings on the four councilmen, two Democrats and two Republicans, who voted “No” defeating the measure 4-3.

Ms. Graveline and her council cohorts should read the Town Charter’s Sec. 3.05- Investigations, which empowers the council “… to investigate any and all Departments, Offices and Agencies…”  Our town fathers had no problem using the word investigation when it applied as it does regarding the very questionable building permit fees charged to favorite applicants.

Could it be that madam Graveline is actually protecting someone from an embarrassing scandal if an investigation does uncover selective enforcement of town ordinances? If this is the case then council “leaders” Theresa Graveline and Pat Geary should resign. Only parties with something to hide would thwart an honest inquiry about how Prospect taxpayers’ money is spent, but that’s what long-term, unchallenged arrogant politicians do. Prospect’s Town Hall needs a thorough housecleaning.

Dominick Mirabelle