Letter: Toll booths offer relief for taxpayers


To the editor,

As a taxpayer in the state of Connecticut for over 50 years, it bothers me to see the burdens that are put on the citizens of our lovely state.

Every time I travel on our highways and see the number of cars using them from out of state, free of charge, I count the dollars in revenue our state could be getting with toll booths for other state travelers.

Anyone traveling to New York, Massachusetts and others have to pay, so why is Connecticut road usage free?

The politicians claim it’s to make our highways safer. Well, guess what, it’s not working. Cars travel faster with nothing to slow them down. If safety is the issue, do as Massachusetts does and put the toll booths at the exits and entrances to the highways.

By putting up toll booths we would not only create revenue, but also construction work and jobs for the state citizens. I think we all need to find ways to ease the taxpayers load, and to bring more people to our state instated of leaving.

Charles LaCroix Jr.

Beacon Falls