Letter to the editor: Vote for Ciacciarella


We first met Burgess Mike Ciacciarella at a Town Hall meeting about the Waste Water Treatment Plant in Naugatuck. We were concerned about the odors coming from the plant.

Up until the time that Mike had been appointed burgess liaison to the Water Pollution Control Board, nothing had been done. That changed when Mike became involved. Not only as a burgess did he advocate for the residents on this topic, he was able to provide accurate information on the problems. Mike is an engineer in the waste water treatment industry and offers knowledge and experience to the problems at the treatment plant. This has been a refreshing change from how this issue has been dealt with in the past. With Mike, he always returns our calls, offers assistance, meets with neighborhoods and gets involved at the state level with Naugatuck’s representatives as well as the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Mike is responsive on this issue as he will be responsive to the people of Naugatuck on any issue. We are very lucky to have someone with this type of professional background advocating for us. We are voting for Mike Ciacciarella for burgess on Monday, May 2 and encourage you to vote for him, too.

Joe and Peg Sheehy