Letter to the editor: Town should say no to Save Prospect


To the editor,

As I see it, the Save the Prospect group did what they thought was right for their neighborhood and the town of Prospect. The president and the group did a lot of research and some fundraising to support their cause and all should be commended for their efforts. But that is where it should end. The town of Prospect and its tax payers should not incur any cost factors that this group is proposing to our town.

In a recent article, their president wrote a letter to the Prospect Town Council for financial aid to help to pay the debt they incurred which is over $50,000. They already spent over $75,000 as reported in the article. In my humble opinion, the town has no legal or financial responsibility for this well-intended group.

I ask myself was there a bid process for the expert witness and attorney charges? Were any of the town officials given an update weekly of the process? Was there a budget given to the town on spending? What was the thought process of the group on how to pay all the expenses they incurred if the money was not in their account? Were they incorporated and where did the money come from?

These are a few questions I would be interested in knowing before it should even be considered being looked at by the Town Council. This is an issue that can come back in future years and be regrettable if voted in the affirmative as it will set a precedent for any committee or ad hoc group. Any neighborhood or small projects could come to the town looking for additional funding also. I urge the Town Council not to accept their request for any funding.

I think most of our taxes are being spent wisely. Mayor Bob and the Town Council have a good handle on taxes and running this great town. I am sure some people may agree or may have an honest difference of opinion with this article, so I suggest everyone send a donation to Save the Prospect group but no funds should be taken from the town coffers for this project. We should let the town fathers worry about education, public safety and a better quality of life for all its good residents.

Angelo R. D’Agostino