Letter to the editor: Selectman responds to charges of misusing system


Editor’s note: This letter is in response to the letter, “CodeRED system misused in Beacon Falls,” which ran in the May 20 edition of the Citizen’s News.

I would like to respond to Josh Morgan’s letter to the editor on his charge of the misuse of the CodeRED system in the Town of Beacon Falls.

Since the Town of Beacon Falls began using the CodeRED system, as First Selectman, I have been using this system correctly. When I read Mr. Morgan’s concerns in the Citizen’s News I called CodeRED, who informed me they had realized this has been a problem they have experienced before and were working to address it. The result is that now they have corrected the system with a new code for general information versus the code for emergencies.

Now, general notifications have a different code that will read “ECN Community” on land lines and the number will read (855) 969-4636, instead of the “Emergency Comm” with the number (866) 419-5000.

I hope this clears up any questions anyone might have on the use of the CodeRED system.

Susan Cable
First Slectman
Beacon Falls