Letter to the editor: Rossi gives small business a voice


I write this letter as a small business owner in the Borough of Naugatuck. For the past 15 years, I have owned and operated Jesse Camille’s Restaurant. Being a small business owner is never an easy task, but during this economy, being a restaurant owner is nearly impossible. The restaurant business is significantly impacted when real estate and motor vehicle taxes are raised, employees’ paychecks are lowered and/or employees lose their jobs and gas prices skyrocket.

Luckily, I am not the only small business owner in Naugatuck. Tamath K. Rossi, the town’s current Deputy Mayor and candidate for burgess, is also a small business owner in town and she shares the struggles and understands the difficulty of operating a business in this economy. Not only does Tamath listen, but she gives the cause of the small business owner a voice. She represents our concerns to the Board of Burgesses and to the Mayor and she advocates to ensure that all small businesses stay open and survive. She realizes that it is vital to Naugatuck and to the state of Connecticut to support small businesses because it is small businesses that are the backbone of each community—those are the businesses that pay our town’s taxes, provide our local services and employ our families and friends.

Thanks to the consistent assistance and advocacy of Tamath, small business owners in this town have a voice. Tamath supports this town, she supports our families and she supports our businesses. She listens, she finds the facts and she passionately advocates for her cause. She is a great benefit to this borough and all of its residents, great and small.

Larry Erickson

Carla M. Perugini-Erickson

Jesse Camille’s Restaurant