Letter to the editor: No funding for study


I attended the Naugatuck budget hearing on Monday, May 23 and listed on the last page of the budget under “new account” was a strategic town-wide study. The amount listed was $35,000 but the amount is only for one year of a two-year process. The study would review the town’s structuring of its departments while considering function and efficiency.

Sounds like a good idea until you really think about it.

In his 2009 campaign, Mayor Mezzo repeatedly talked about the mayor as the CEO of $100 million dollar corporation. I believe the mayor of a $100 million dollar corporation should not only be able to review the town’s departments and structure but automatically evaluate every department in the borough to determine function and efficiency.

In the same campaign when challenged about funding the study the Mayor said he would not use taxpayer money to fund this study but would rely solely on state and federal grants. Two years later the study appears on the table for the taxpayers to fund.

Naugatuck taxpayers shouldn’t be funding a study for a job the Mayor should be performing. When politicians break promises it means taxpayers lose.

Eileen Bronko